Logopro Promotional Bags has the finest selection of eco-friendly bags in Australia and we supply the highest quality at the best prices. Our branded bags are available in thousands of different styles and made from every material available in today’s market place.

The Logopro promotional bags team have been printing company logos and slogans in the most eye
catching colours and fonts since 1998. Our experienced branding professionals ensure that all bags purchased from us will get dispatched to your premises on time and arrive looking fantastic.

Your brand is important to us too and we want your name and your message to be viewed by decision makers and everyone else around them. We all know the importance of creating a great first impression which is why our team is obsessed with attention to detail.
Bespoke marketing campaigns that include customised promotional bags have achieved success around the world for decades. Even with the introduction of new advertising platforms such as digital radio, industry specific cable TV channels and the internet, the bag printing industry has continued to grow and shows no sign of slowing down.

Bags are practical too. The fact that your logo and promotional content will be easily visible is just a massive bonus.  The average bag has a large and plain space making it an ideal item to display your brand. if pricing is not a major issue then we can discuss whether your logo and slogans will appear more attractive if they are embroidered or printed on the bags.

We all enjoy receiving free gifts and that is unlikely to change. So why choose promo bags for your campaign?

They are attractive, useful and durable and these are the most important factors to consider when choosing
a promotional item to give away. If your personalised bags tick these three boxes then consumers are likely
to continually assist you in promoting your products and services in public and on social media to your intended target audience.

We print for all occasions and on all types of bags.
Our full range of products is always available and regularly updated.


Promotional Tote Bags

With thousands of promotional products to choose from in Australia alone, you may wonder why you should consider investing in promotional tote bags and including them in your marketing campaign.
Pens are cheaper and people always need pens. Also, your clients could see your logo on a cup or
mug every morning when they enjoy their first coffee or in the office throughout the day. Then
there is the key chain which could be displaying your brand every time your client goes to open
their house, office or car door. We can make a case for almost any promotional item but the one
product that ticks all the right boxes is the tote bag.
They come in every shape and size so can be used for any activity or event and you get more
impressions for your dollar than any other product i have seen.
Many of your clients will spend a large portion of their lives with a bag on their shoulder or close
to their person. When your bag is out in public imagine how many people pass it by. You can’t
help but look at a logo printed on a bag for curiosity’s sake. It’s human nature. The same can be
said for t-shirts but the majority of us are more likely to use the same bag everyday than wear
the same t-shirt, I hope.

Clothing rips, shrinks in the wash and can start to look old within a short period of time. It can
also go out of fashion. Tote bags on the other hand are always in fashion. They won’t get covered
up with another garment in colder weather and they don’t fade easily.

Pens run out of ink or get shoved in a draw. Key chains are quite small and spend most of the time
in peoples pockets and mugs break and then they are straight in the bin.
Our bags on the other hand are tough and i mean really tough. I don’t know if you have ever
tried to rip a canvas or bamboo bag, I have and I gave up after 5 minutes.

Another good reason to choose tote bags is that the bag’s new owner is likely to take it with them
when they go to meet like minded people. For example, if you wanted to promote your products
and services to gym members it is likely that your client chooses to spend his or her time with
other gym members outside of the gymnasium as well as inside it. This is industry targeted marketing.
You will also get exposure to the general public with the travelling to and from the venue plus
whenever they use the bag in between.
Conference tote bags are another great example as your clients will be getting your tote bag,
branded logo and message in front of other executives in similar industries or in front of the
company representatives that work in that industry. A conference promotion is similar to that of
an expo or trade show promotion. They work the same way as they are usually populated by
hundreds of like-minded people with similar interests. These are just a few great examples for
you. The opportunities really are endless.
If you don’t have a specific target market and just want to get your name and product in front of
as many eyes as possible then go for one of our most stylish and classy tote bags. This is to
ensure the bags is your client’s first choice when leaving the house. Another great option would
be to purchase the tote shopping bags and give them to as many shoppers as you can find. My
advice here would be to aim for the nine to five, Monday to Friday workers. It might not be fun
for them to be around town during rush hour or only being able to shop at the busiest times of
the week but it gets your tote bag, logo and message in front of more ready to spend customers.
If you are still not convinced that bags are perfect for your campaign the you could consider
branded promotional USB sticks as there is a fantastic range of USB flash drives available
including novelty and an environmentally friendly option.
We want to hear about your campaign and we want to get involved. Contact us today and let the
professionals with over 20 years of experience ensure you get the most out of your promotional bags.